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Quickest Way to Increase Traffic

Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business in terms of sales and even visibility. With a plethora of businesses out there, it is quite important to advertise online and SEM provides both the roadmap and platforms to undertake the same. Search Engine Marketing provides an opportunity to the businesses to place their ads and message in front of the motivated customers who are ready to purchase the offerings of the brand.

  • Quickest Way to Increase Traffic
  • Thorough optimization to increase rank.
  • Landing page design and integration.

How Does Search Engine Marketing Look Like on our End?

Right from researching the keywords to making ad copies and making them live, we help our clients to leverage the full potential of the Search Engine Marketing.

We clearly understand the objective that a client wishes to achieve from SEM and adopt an agile approach that chops the whole objective into milestones. Apart from keeping in mind the overall objective, we consider specific target audiences in the whole of the process. Once the targeted and relevant keywords are finalized, compelling ad copies are made that encourages the target audience to undertake the desired action. We also assist our clients in making a landing page that delivers specific information about a product or service to the potential leads.

Our continuous monitoring of the ads helps us find out any deviation from the overall objective set in the first place. With optimization of the ad campaigns, we endeavor to bring back everything on the track. The easy-to-understand reporting for the clients keeps them in the loop at every step and furnishes them with necessary numbers indicating the growth of the business.

Our Process

Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures increase in ranking in different search engines.


We at Techno Corps have a team of Google certified experts. First we are going to establish the basics of understanding the nature of your business and your goals. . Google ads are your faster way to go for more immediate results rather than the slower SEO Process.

seo process


Our Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Advertising team will strategies one of the most cost-effective and targeted forms of marketing. These are the ads for your website that appear through the largest advertising platforms including Google Adwords and AdSense.

We continuously track the efficiency of the campaign, ensuring that the ads are reaching the right people at the right time.

design process


Google PPC advertising by Techno Corps is a superior method of internet marketing that will improve your visibility online, as well as increase traffic to your website. Our experienced employees thoroughly study the market on the demand and needs of your product or service to be marketed. This form of advertising is highly successful in grabbing the more potential customers. Many factors go into this optimization phase that includes cost, language, location, and internet usage habits.

The ultimate goal of the optimization experts are “Achieving or acquiring a huge number of people in a less budget” and that they are translating into results.

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As a top SEO company , we have the expertise and experienced hand in designing the campaign landing pages and perfect content for your business that attracts your potential online customers. This form of campaigning is highly successful due to the accurate target that we utilize.

seo process


We provide the absolute report of the campaign that allows you to see the moment they click on your ad, to the point where a sale is made, so the ROI is easy to track. The advantage of Google ad words campaign is that it is unlike impression-based or traditional ads in which you pay when people see the advertisement and that they are translating into results.

seo process

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FAQs: Digital Marketing

Our aim is to create an era of Digital Marketing where clients’ needs are taken care of, even before they are felt. We work consistently to deliver the customized handcrafted websites, in the shortest time possible

Time efficient:

In just 5 working days We can get you a fully functional website.

Cost effective:

The prices we offer are extremely aimed at small businesses and cost effective.

User Friendly:

We have an interactive interface for content management, with which even our customers can make changes quite easily if they need to.

We have 3 veracities of developmental packages on offer; also it’s purely based on what type of website client wants. You can learn more about our detailed package descriptions and their pricing
Our experts Digital Marketing Strategies will include a series of activities that help you achieve your goals for various channels. Depending on your business goals, our strategies might vary. We at Techno Corps build strategies based on seven core capabilities, which are a strategic approach, performance improvement process, management buy-in, resourcing and structure, data and infrastructure, integrated customer communications and customer experience.
We at Techno Corps provide a lot of services for various online activities like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Content Marketing (Blogging & Article Writing), Email Marketing, Social Media, SMS Marketing, Video Production, Website Design / Micro-site Development, Online Public Relations (PR).

In two words if you want us to answer:

“Better ROI” “Higher quality” “More scale”Since digital marketing is not the main business of the user (client) organization, the career path which can be provided within the organization to such people is necessarily restricted.

Being wide ranging, the skill sets (creative + tech + marketing) needed to do digital marketing are usually not available to one individual, a team is required. Thus, any user (client) organization wanting to do digital in-house needs to justify to itself why they would staff up with a multiple team.

In general Digital Marketing Services helps you generate sales and profits through different channels and platforms. To increase the reach of your potential customers and to create awareness of your business, Digital Marketing Services are essential and highly recommendable. Here you get the opportunity to reach out and communicate with your targeted audiences.
A Digital Marketing Company /Agency which provides the entire possible range of digital marketing services.
Through Our Digital Marketing services you can increase brand awareness and brand loyalty. That will drive sales for your business. The main advantage of Digital Marketing is in a very cost-effective way it helps you measure success, performance and results of all the activities across all platforms.
Absolutely! If you’d like to ultimately increase online sales, we would recommend a variety of tactics to reach this goal. The goal of digital marketing service is to improve the website traffic, generating leads and online conversions, thus helping you to reach your overall business goals.
We at Techno Corps, to perform Digital Marketing activities use a lot of automation tools to ease their campaign related work. Some of the most used tools are Google Analytics, SEM Rush, Google Ad Words, Keyword Planner, HootSuite and sprout Social. These automation tools will ease our work in the following segments like SEO, Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Email Marketing etc.
Creating a digital identity for your target audience is called Brand awareness in digital marketing. It helps you create and spread knowledge about your brand/organization. Whenever you launch a new product/service this branding activity is generally helpful.