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Growth Hacking

A fusion of technology and marketing, Growth Hacking is a process of attracting potential leads at a minimal cost but with a broad reach. The prerequisite for a growth hacker is to master the art of creativity and use it along with the know-how of technical and marketing intelligence. One of the advantages of implementing the process of growth hacking is that you can undertake testing, tracking, measuring and optimizing of your campaigns individually using digital tools. This is the biggest benefit over traditional marketing where the measurement is done for the campaign as a whole. The technique helps in getting insights and deployment of resources to the areas that benefit the brand the most.

Our Approach

Keep on refining the process until you offer a real life solution to the real time problems of your customers. No matter how many times do you need to update and change your process, the hack lies in not settling on any hypothetical assurances. All in all, you should adopt a product-market fit approach wherein there is a perfect sync between your offerings and customers.

  • Growth hacking terminologies
  • A/B Testing
  • Bootstrapping
  • Bounce Rate
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Conversion Rate

Growth Hack for Your Business Operations

Unlike in conventional forms of marketing, where brands focus on a mass audience and not precise targets, growth hacking involves specific targeting. We deploy various growth hacking tools and methods to target potential segments in order to convert them into customers. Towards the end, the results from various tools and methods are evaluated to finalize one of them for your business.


Holistic Approach for Retention as well as Optimization

Our growth hacking techniques endeavor to yield positive results every time they commence and conclude an activity. Along with keeping an eye on the conversion rate, we monitor visitor behavior to grasp their psychology. With continuous observing, we aim for retention of the customer for a very long time.

Our Stages of holistic approach includes the following stages Growth Hacker, Minimum Viable Product, Pivoting, Product Market fit, Publicity, Sales Funnel, Stickiness, Vanity Metrics, Viral Loop.


Continuous Scaling Up

Growth hacking is not merely a short-term tool that can be forgotten after its implementation. It’s an ever-evolving methodology and one needs to stay abreast with all its updates. Along with staying in the competition, it is all about continuously exploring it. Our team fathoms this fact very well and thus, explores it on a regular basis to furnish you with all the latest updates as and when they are launched.



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