SMS Marketing

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SMS Marketing

     One of the effective touch points, SMS Marketing is a great way to ensure that your brand name always stays on the top of minds of your customers. As per studies, SMSes are likely to be opened within a span of merely five minutes from the time they are received.

Our Way of SMS Marketing

     Our SMS Marketing is fully tailored service that helps you communicate with your target group in a personalized way. The Bulk SMS service that we offer enables a business to get in touch with a large number of audience all at once. SMSes work great as reminders; therefore, the promotional SMSes that are sent on behalf of businesses constantly remind the customers of promotional activities and schemes offered by your brand.

     One can leverage our Transactional SMS service as well, wherein, a brand can pass necessary information to its clientele. For instance, order dispatch update, payment received update, order delivery confirmation, etc.