Growth Hacking

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Growth Hacking

    A fusion of technology and marketing, Growth Hacking is a process of attracting potential leads at a minimal cost but with a broad reach. The pre-requisite for a growth hacker is to master the art of creativity and use it along with the know-how of technical and marketing intelligence. One of the advantages of implementing the process of growth hacking is that you can undertake testing, tracking, measuring and optimizing of your campaigns individually using digital tools. This is the biggest benefit over traditional marketing where the measurement is done for the campaign as a whole. The technique helps in getting insights and deployment of resources to the areas that benefit brand the most.

Our Approach

     Keep on refining the process until you offer a real life solution to the real time problems of your customers. No matter how many times do you need to update and change your process, the hack lies in not settling on any hypothetical assurances. All in all, you should adopt a product-market fit approach wherein there is a perfect sync between your offerings and customers.

Growth Hack for Your Business Operations

     Unlike in conventional form of marketing, where brands focus on a mass audience and not precise targets, growth hacking involves specific targeting. We deploy various growth hacking tools and methods to target potential segments in order to convert them into customers. Towards the end, the results from various tools and methods are evaluated to finalize one of them for your business.

Holistic Approach for Retention as well as Optimization

     Our growth hacking techniques endeavor to yield positive results every time they commence and conclude an activity. Along with keeping an eye on the conversion rate, we monitor visitor behavior to grasp their psychology. With continuous observing, we aim for retention of the customer for a very long time.

Continuous Scaling Up

     Growth hacking is not a merely a short-term tool that can be forgotten after its implementation. It’s an ever-evolving methodology and one needs to stay abreast with all its updates. Along with staying in the competition, it is all about continuously exploring it. Our team fathoms this fact very well and thus, explores it on a regular basis to furnish you with all the latest updates as and when they are launched.

Growth Hacking Vocabulary

    Popular as Split Testing, A/B Testing involves testing of two different version of the same entity or object and finalizing the best option. Publishing both the version on the website and monitoring the visitors as they choose one of them helps in finding the best alternative. This is entirely based on numbers than on hypothesis.

    It is a situation where an entrepreneur invests on his business on his own without seeking any venture capitalist. In this arrangement, the marketing campaigns run on a very low budget. Also, the campaigns are self-sufficient, thus, ensuring every single penny invested yields return.

     It is a measure that tells the stickiness duration of visitors on your app or website. If it is high, there is a need to optimize the website design, targeting, and promotion. If the hike in bounce rate still persists, one may also consider revamping the product marketing mix model.

    In this method, data collected by growth hacking tools from web applications are bifurcated in related groups. It doesn’t analyze the gathered information as one data set but examines every consumer group separately. The same technique helps in developing effective promotional offers and precise targeting.

    It is the actual number of people who have visited your website and undertaken the desired action, for instance, purchase a product, subscribe to the newsletter, share the content, etc. Growth hacking tools monitor the conversion rate closely for it helps in listing down the effective promotional strategies.

    An individual who has an immense knowledge of the fusion of marketing, technology, and creative intelligence. They aim at developing a hypothesis for different versions of the same entity in order to figure out an effective way for the growth of the enterprise.

    It is a technique wherein a new product satisfies its early adopters. The final product is designed and developed only after receiving the feedback from its initial users.

     It simply means optimizing your product strategy or redefining the business model to discover growth that you might have overlooked before. This is usually undertaken after the demand and feedback from the consumers.

    It is a state where consumers and the offerings of the organization are in a perfect sync. To achieve this equilibrium, a business needs to acquire attention and positive response from its customers. Growth hacking tools help businesses achieve the same by solving the real life problems of the customers by refining their process frequently.

    Often called the free form of promotion, Publicity is grabbing maximum attention in less time. It is a great way to viral the product or service and always stay on the top-of-the-mind of the target audience.

     It is a series of steps to transform what is merely a lead into a loyal customer. Discounts, promotions, loyalty programs, etc. are some of the ways to build a sales funnel. The process has been designed to calculate prospects and customers at every level of sale.

    Opposite of bounce rate, Stickiness is anything on the website that hikes the browsing time of the visitors. In simple terms, it is building a positive addiction towards your offerings. It defines the chances of a visitor buying your product and purchasing it again from you.

    These are a number of stats that look amazing on paper, but are not that important. In other words, these are superficial data that help in popularizing or boasting business in the industry. For instance, traffic on the website, number of clicks, etc. Because it overlooks factors such as conversion rate, bounce rate, etc. it is advised to use actionable metrics.

    This is a chain of events wherein there is a first-time visitor on your website, he purchases a product, uses it, shares his experience with others, thus, boosting the word-of-mouth promotion. Once created, Viral Loop helps in the endorsement of your offerings and brand by the customers.